Rhythm in Colors

“Rhythm in Colors” highlights our city’s storied past with jazz as a historic black art form that has influenced the world and animated our cultural landscape. Seattle jazz culture boasts a sweeping arc of talent including award-winning musicians and music education programs.

The exhibit features oral interviews of jazz musicians and advocates who have participated in the Library’s ongoing Seattle Jazz Archive project.  The Library has interviewed 13 individuals and will continue to add more interviews during the year. Rhythm in Colors also includes digital videos produced by Madeline Crowley, fully indexed transcripts and still photography of each interviewee.

The exhibit also explores how jazz educators have helped bring jazz into schools with opportunities for students to learn and participate, making Seattle a leader in youth jazz programs.

Bring your smartphones to the exhibit and you’ll be able to listen to audio clips of the oral interviews in the Library’s collection, see performances and access additional materials about jazz in Seattle.

Programs are scheduled for July and will include performances, a film screening and presentations.  Go to www.spl.org/audiences/all-ages/rhythm-in-colors for more information.

A very special thank you to Gary Kunis and you our donors for making this impactful exhibit possible.