Love the Lake City Library

The Lake City Library Branch is a truly unique place in the neighborhood—a safe, welcoming place for learning and coming together. We need your help to make it bigger and better.

The Lake City branch is one of the most heavily used libraries in the city with more than 220,000 patron visits last year. There is high demand for use of the Library’s public meeting rooms, computers and free WIFI. More students attend Lake City’s after-school Homework Help program often taking up most of the public seating.

In 2018, The Seattle Public Library will add a total of 1,600 square feet of public space to the Lake City Library. While the footprint of the building will not change, the additional public space will be achieved by condensing existing staff areas. The plan will:

  • Reconfigure the main entrance area into a flexible public space
  • Add comfortable seating and work spaces that support mobile devices
  • Add three new public meeting rooms
  • Provide a large play space in the Children’s area that can be used for Storytime
  • Create a lively teen area
  • Centrally locate all staff services to a single public service point
  • Add modular walls for meeting spaces to allow for maximum flexibility and capacity

An expanded Lake City Branch Library creates opportunities and improves the quality of life for everyone in the Lake City neighborhood.

Note on donor recognition: As of August 30, 2018, the donor recognition wall is currently in production and we are unable to make modifications. We regret that we can no longer add names to recognize the generosity of your gift. Fundraising for the campaign remains ongoing and all donors will receive our standard suite of donor benefits. Thank you for understanding.

Opportunities to name a space in the newly renovated Lake City Library are also available. Please contact Brian Lawrence at for more information.

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