Jim Thixton & Carol Bennett Thixton Endowment for Youth Programs

Jim and Carol Thixton met as high school teachers in 1962 in Kern County, California.  A few years later, an LBJ fellowship took Jim to Hawaii where he taught US history and psychology until his retirement.  Carol eventually left teaching to work for McCall’s Pattern Company doing fashion shows and making local TV appearances all over the country.  In 1973 Carol opened her own fashion design and manufacturing company in Hawaii which she ran for 23 years.

Jim was a passionate and voracious reader his entire life.  Despite living in small spaces and moving several times, the couple collected more than 5,000 books.  Each time they moved, the books were carefully boxed as prized possessions, which they were.  Books have been at the center of Jim and Carol’s life together.

The Thixtons moved to Seattle in 1996 and made their home in Magnolia where Carol volunteered at the branch library.