The Nancy and Arthur Burrill Library Endowment Fund

Arthur Burrill’s involvement with The Seattle Public Library Foundation began after his wife, Nancy, passed away in 2014. Nancy was a much-beloved elementary school teacher who started her career as a school librarian. She was an avid reader and used the Library to augment her lesson plans. “I would go in to pick up her holds and she would have 20 books there,” Art recalls.

Their friends thought that the best memorial to Nancy would be supporting The Seattle Public Library and Art agreed. “I think the Library is an excellent place for everyone in our community—young people, older people, families. It’s a source of information and resources that people can use to improve their lives.”

Art is a retired steamfitter who keeps busy with a full schedule of running and bicycling. While he’s also a reader, Art especially enjoys checking out DVDs from the Library to watch during the winter when he works out indoors on his stationary bike.

Art and Nancy’s legacy will live on through The Nancy and Arthur Burrill Library Endowment Fund and will make the Library a better place for generations to come.