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We did it!  Thanks to more than 500 generous donors, The Seattle Public Library Foundation completed the Norcliffe Challenge—raising $3.5 million for the Library’s Program Endowment for Children and Teens!

In 2014 The Norcliffe Foundation promised that if the Library Foundation could raise $3.5 million for that endowment by December 31, 2016, they would donate an additional $1 million to help fund the many children’s programs the Library offers.  The community responded generously to the challenge and by the end of the year, more than 500 donors made a gift to the campaign.

The Library Foundation sends a special thanks to The Ginger and Barry Ackerley Foundation for their long-term involvement and support.  In 2002, a $1 million gift from the Ackerley family created the Program Endowment for Children and Teens.  And another generous gift from them capped off this campaign a few weeks ago!

This is a wonderful accomplishment for our Library and the community. Completing this challenge goes a long way toward the Library having stable, predictable funding for children’s learning programs year after year.